Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fortune Cookie my A$$

So, my grandmother takes us out to Chinese food one last time before I start my diet - no not diet - before I start my lifestyle adjustment.... and my fortune cookie is handed to me by the waiter... not left on the tray for me to have the fate card draw me to it... but he hands it directly to me. It was almost like a moment that starts one of those silly movies. Something that happens but you don't notice it until your world goes haywire and you can track it back to that very moment. I almost think he winked at me when it happened... but not until I read what it said.

OK keeping in mind, that I am already feeling overwhelmed in my world of all the things that I haven't done and that I should be doing (mainly because it is a new year....) my fortune reads:

Compliment 3 people every day

Yes it is something that I should do anyway. and I think that I may do at times but now.... but now... it is part of some craziness like I am not already doomed because I don't forward those blasted chain emails to 7 people in the next 7 minutes.....

ahhhhhh I should be thankful that my plate is full....