Friday, December 18, 2009

Voice Mails from the Edge....

A month or so ago, my brother broke his computer. Since I lost my job this past summer, I don't have access to parts and such so I have been doing what I can when I can. Mind you, this was a computer that I had given to my brother (for FREE).... My brother also doesn't work and just sponges off my mom (granted she lets him which ticks me off also....) So here is the string of voice mails that I received and the incidents that have led up to them...

Wed. morning around 8:30. My phone rang but I was in the shower...
VM from my brother:


yep, no hello, no good morning, no thanks, no please.... story of my brother....

Wed. 1:30pm the phone rings and it's him but I choose not to answer it because I have a million things going along with the fact that I was working on another pc for him and his earlier vm ticked me off....

"Sis this business is booming and I have a million emails that I haven't checked and I really need to get in contact with people about my business. I can't do anything because I am waiting on you!"

Wed. 3:00pm I am really not answering the phone because I was taught that if I didn't have anything nice to say, don't speak!

"some common courtesy as far as I was brought up means that if you own a cell phone you will either answer the damn thing or you will return a call within 24 hours. Just thought I would gives you a heads up on that deal."

Thurs. 9:39am Aparently my mom said something to him about me being under a lot of stress and what he did was wrong

"hey sis I just want to tell you that I love you and am on your side. Anything that I can do to help you is what I would like to be doing. I would like us to be on the same page. This business that I opened up is booming and I can't do everything by myself because I would like you to be my friend and partner on this. We can be grabbing cash like everyone else is doing.

Brother and sister teamed up. I would really like it if you and I got along a little better and do some of the stuff like friends do and accomplish goals. I know you are inteligent and are capable. I don't know what you think of me but I know that I am inteligent and capable as well. I can tell stories about everything that I have set my mind to do I have done that.

It's booming and there is money to be made. These advertisements show a full staff. I'm not going to sit here and judge them but they aren't as cool as us. It doesn't take a bunch of cash to get this going. I don't know why they are able to do this. People want to buy medicine no matter what. It's like alcohol. I would like you to jump on board and help me out. Help us out. We need to have a niche in this before it gets out of control.

I wish your spirits were up. I love you. I'm your brother and we won't always get along but I love you."

My take on it is he is only in contact with me now because he needs something. Side note, he has blown up at the family before and NEVER has apologized yet I have witnessed him saying sorry to almost strangers countless times. We as his family OWE him everything.

5:30pm I didn't have my phone on me because I was at a holiday party for my husbands work.

"hey there is a city council meeting tonight at 6. Want to go?"

This is for his medical marijuana stuff which makes my skin crawl. If you indulge, I don't care but I don't and the last thing I want to do with my life is surround myself with a bunch of junkies! This entire thing is also a sore spot with me because he has my mom's house overran with strangers and plants, etc..... she lost her sanctuary...

Friday morning 8:54 am Aparently my mom said something to him again....

"Hey sis you can't demand an apology from somebody. I don't even know what I am supposed to be apologizing for. I have been sitting here trying to get ahold of you and you are ignoring me so that. So if you don't think that is causing a problem what the hell. I don't know what I am supposed to be apologizing for. You know me, I would apologize if I were in the wrong. But because you are my sister and I love you I am going to go ahead and apologize. With you being silent, I am not getting any wiser on what I am supposed to apologize for.

So you need to quit playing a game and talk to me if you want to be my friend. If you don't, you are still my sister. But you are putting a lot of uncomfort here and it's not my deal. This is your stuff.

I apologize now WHAT AM I APOLOGIZING FOR??? (This is in caps because he was screaming)"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Do you ever think....

that "God" gets bored with all the idiots in the world like we do and turns His attention to the 'strong' to see how much they will actually put up with????

Saturday, September 26, 2009


It's been awhile.... what have I been up to? Absolutely nothing!

I got laid off back in May and have zilch to show for it except a new favorite song and video.

Don't laugh.....

Artist: Christina Aguilera

watch it before you judge too quickly :-)

Song: I got trouble

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Professional women ... they disgust me!

So I chose to change my work location because of a few crazy men and now I am in a building where the women are cold as ice!

We are all in our 30s so why is it so hard for them to be nice? I have been here for 11 months now and they have refuted all my attempts at becoming friends, or at least friendly. The literally sit 20 feet from me and I pass by their cubes at least 4 times a day and they NEVER say hi or smile back at me. WHY? I almost thought I had made a breakthrough one day when the 'leader of the mean girl pack' needed some help from me. I helped her right away, and she smiled at me for about 2 days and then it was back to normal. I know they have the capability of being nice because I hear them laughing with each other all day long.

Oh well.... I guess it's back to putting my headphones on :-(

My New Plan

1. Begin right where you are. Walk for 20-30 minutes a day, 5 days a week for weeks one and two. (I can do this!)

2. Remove the following from your diet: Late night sugary snacks (even that 1 little cookie that I sneak in before trotting down the hall?) and all fast food meals (I only want them when I can't have them and now I REALLY want Jack-In-The-Box).

3. Add the following to your diet: 12 glasses of water a day (done - no problem except maybe on the weekends, I will have to work on that!) and slowly increase your fiber intake to 40+ grams a day (thank you Benefiber!).

4. Increase your protein intake. Eat a portion of protein with every single meal.

5. Measure your food portions using the fist method. No portion shall be bigger than your fist. If it is, reduce it. Does that include the side salad? Or can I have that also but just in fist size?

6. Eat real food. Protein shakes have their place, but whole food is unprocessed and needs your body to perform its digestive and delivery process. WAHOOOOOOO

7. Weeks 3-7 doing a minimum of 30-45 minutes walking 5 days a week.

8. Increase your meals to four a day. Spread them evenly over the day. No bingeing. I will most likely already be doing this...may have to increase to 5 being 4 and 5 are more snacky anyway.

9. Eat your first meal within 45 minutes after you wake. Be sure to include protein.

10. By week 4 you should be 10-15 pounds lighter, depending on your water and muscle composition, without having to join a gym.

11. Week 5 join a gym. Have a trainer demonstrate some basics. Alternate upper and lower body workouts for 3 weeks. YMCA here I come! I am thinking about spinning classes at 6 also...but I love my pillow!

12. Weeks 9-12 combine upper and lower body workouts into one streamlined workout lasting no longer than 45 minutes.

13. Gym tip: move quickly through your exercises even if you have to lighten the load. This creates a cardio effect.

14. Weeks 8-12 walk for 45-60 minutes 5 days a week. In addition to your gym workouts.

15. When you feel like quitting or eating something you shouldn’t, compare the short-term gain against the long-term pain. This helps you stay in the game.

Keep perspective. This program will slowly get you ready to make huge weight loss progress over a short period of time. That’s what you want, to start slow and then rev yourself up like a high performance racecar.

Follow this program and you will surely lose 35 pounds in 3 months. PERFECT!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fortune Cookie my A$$

So, my grandmother takes us out to Chinese food one last time before I start my diet - no not diet - before I start my lifestyle adjustment.... and my fortune cookie is handed to me by the waiter... not left on the tray for me to have the fate card draw me to it... but he hands it directly to me. It was almost like a moment that starts one of those silly movies. Something that happens but you don't notice it until your world goes haywire and you can track it back to that very moment. I almost think he winked at me when it happened... but not until I read what it said.

OK keeping in mind, that I am already feeling overwhelmed in my world of all the things that I haven't done and that I should be doing (mainly because it is a new year....) my fortune reads:

Compliment 3 people every day

Yes it is something that I should do anyway. and I think that I may do at times but now.... but now... it is part of some craziness like I am not already doomed because I don't forward those blasted chain emails to 7 people in the next 7 minutes.....

ahhhhhh I should be thankful that my plate is full....